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Professor Daan Frenkel

Daan Frenkel: Entropy, computer simulations and chemistry, 3 March 2023

Daan Frenkel, Honorary Fellow at Trinity, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at Cambridge University

Professor Daan Frenkel, Honorary Fellow at Trinity, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at Cambridge University, has very kindly agreed to join us for a zoom discussion on his work using computer simulations for a very wide range of problems in chemistry:

  • 5pm Friday 3 March 2023 start
    • 5pm Tokyo time, 8am UK time, 0:00midnight SF time
  • 5:15pm -6:15pm Professor Daan Frenkel
  • 6:15pm – discussions

Professor Daan Frenkel

Daan Frenkel develops computer simulations which he applies to understand and solve a very wide range of problems in chemistry, materials science and biology.

Daan was Head of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, where was Professor since 2007, now Emeritus Professor. Daan is Honorary Fellow at Trinity.

Daan has co-authored the book “Understanding molecular simulation”

Professor Daan Frenkel has received a long list of some of the most prestigeous prizes for his achievements, including the Lorentz Medal

Order, disorder and entropy (Lecture – 01) by Daan Frenkel
From self-assembly to cell recognition (Lecture – 02) by Daan Frenkel
Entropy production and phoretic transport (Lecture 3) by Daan Frenkel

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