Trinity in Japan Society Members

The Master, Dame Sally Davies – Trinity Japan dinner in Tokyo on 28 February 2023

Trinity in Japan Society Members

All members, Fellows, Former Fellows, alumni and of course also current students of Trinity College are welcome to join our meetings.

Not all members are listed here. Contact us to join!

Gerhard Fasol, Chair and Founder

Entrepreneur and Physicist, works in Tokyo since 1991. CEO and Founder of Eurotechnology Japan KK, Founder of the Ludwig Boltzmann Forum, (2017-2020) Guest-Professor at Kyushu University, (March 2014 – March 2018) Board Director and Member of the Supervisory Committee of the stock market traded Japanese Cybersecurity group GMO GlobalSign Holdings KK. Graduated with PhD in Physics from Trinity College and the Cavendish Lab, Research (Title A) Fellow at Trinity, later Teaching Fellow (Title C) and Director of Studies in Natural Sciences at Trinity, tenured lecturer at Cambridge University/Cavendish Laboratory. Founded the Trinity in Japan Society in 2014.

here more about the background of Trinity in Japan

Anthony Millington, Founding Board Member

Following a long career in the Diplomatic Service, Anthony headed Rolls-Royce Far East (Tokyo) and now represents the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) in Japan.

Ken Shibata RIP, Founding Board Member

Ken Shibata was eminent geologist and discovered the oldest rock of Japan.

Ken Shibata has written an article “College System of the University of Cambridge – The Glories of Trinity College -” 「ケンブリッジ大学のカレッジ制度ートリニティ・コレッジの栄光」which you can download here as a pdf file (in Japanese language):


Sachiko Kusukawa (楠川幸子)

Sachiko Kusukawa was educated in Germany and Japan. She was a graduate student at Trinity College, where she obtained her MPhil and PhD in history of science. After a research fellowship at Christ’s College, Cambridge, she joined Trinity as a teaching fellow in History and Philosophy of Science in 1997. She has held visiting positions at the Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, Ludwig-Maximilian University at Munich, the Max-Planck Institute for History of Science in Berlin, and the University of Tokyo. In 2014, she was awarded the Pfizer Prize in History of Science for her book, Picturing the book of nature: image, text, and argument in sixteenth-century human anatomy and medical botany, Chicago 2012. She was Tutor between 2004 and 2014. Since 2015, she is Honorary Professor in History of Science at the University of Cambridge, and is also Dean of Trinity College, Cambridge.


Ivan Lawrence Sorrentino

Cambridge University Press. Representative Director, Japan, and ELT & Education Marketing Director, Asia for Cambridge University Press. Joined the Press in 1999 and arrived in Japan in 1994.

Graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge in 1991 with a BA in Chemistry. A sudden realization that I did not like experiments and laboratories led me in a new direction towards teaching, languages and linguistics.

Dominic Lieven

Professor Dominic Lieven is eminent scholar and author of Russian history, and Trinity Honorary Fellow and Emeritus Fellow.

Dominic Lieven: Honorary Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge (from 2011) and Fellow of the British Academy (from 2001). Born Singapore 1952. Christ’s College Cambridge (1970-3), Kennedy Scholar Harvard (1974-4), Foreign Office (1974-5), PhD at SSEES/London University(1975-8). LSE: 1978-2011 Lecturer (1978) and Professor (1993). Head of Government Dept (2001-4), Head of History Dept (2009-11), Member of governing Council of LSE 2003-8). Visiting professor Tokyo University and Harvard (1992-3). Humboldt Fellow (1985-6), Leverhulme Major Research Fellow (2006-9).

Professor Dominic Lieven’s most recent book Towards the Flame: Empire, War and the End of Tsarist Russia was selected as FINANCIAL TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR 2015, and was awarded the Pushkin House Prize – watch interviews with Professor Dominic Lieven here.

Professor Lieven’s recent book “Russia against Napoleon. The Battle for Europe, 1807 to 1814“, won the Wolfson History Prize and the Annual Prize of the Fondation Napoléon.

Here are some more of Professor Dominic Lieven’s works

Chikako Watanabe (渡辺千香子)

Chikako E. Watanabe (Trinity 1990) is Professor of Assyriology and Art History in the Faculty of International Studies at Osaka Gakuin University. Her academic interests range from Neo-Assyrian pictorial narratives and animal symbolism to an analysis of the source materials of Assyrian reliefs and cuneiform tablets. She was awarded the Third JSPS (Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science) prize on “Narratological Interpretation of the Art of Ancient Mesopotamia” in 2006. She is the author of Animal Symbolism in Mesopotamia: A Contextual Approach, WOO 1 (2002). She is currently the PI (principal investigator) of two JSPS projects: “Reconstruction of Assyrian reliefs through the analysis of material stone” (2017-20) and “The provenance and manufacturing processes of Mesopotamian clay tablets” (2019-23).

and many more… all Trinity Fellows, former Fellows, alumni, students are very welcome to our events


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