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Trinity in Japan

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Trinity in Japan Society

Trinity in Japan is a society for exchange of ideas and discussions and cooperation open to Fellows, members and alumni of Trinity College, Cambridge. We have regular events in Japan and global video events, recordings published on our youtube channel.

Trinity in Japan Society is a Trinity College Officially Recognized Group, and recognized by the University of Cambridge as an alumni group. With the support of then Master Lord Martin Rees, we founded Trinity in Japan on 5 September 2014

Purpose, aims and mission

  1. Serve the Trinity community globally
  2. Make Trinity known in Japan, which serves us all
  3. Investments and business between UK and Japan have much room to grow more. Japan is complex, our Trinity community helps and can help more.

In more detail:


We meet regularly in Tokyo and other locations in Japan. If you are Trinity Fellow, member, alumni and living in or visiting Japan we are very much looking forward to hearing from you, please feel free to contact us.
We check the credentials of all new members – we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Video events

We organize regular video conference events with Trinity College Fellows, alumni and guests.

Past events are published on the Trinity Japan youtube channel:

Trinity in Japan Society Committee

  • Gerhard Fasol (Chair), Trinity 1978 (PhD), Past Research Fellow (Title A), and Past Teaching Fellow (Title C) and Past Director of Studies in Natural Sciences
  • Anthony Millington


All Trinity College Cambridge Fellows, members, students are very welcome to join our in-person meetings in Tokyo, and our global video events. Please contact us.

Trinity College (Cambridge University, UK)

Trinity College, Cambridge, was founded by King Henry VIII in 1546 by combining the two older colleges King’s Hall and Michael House and seven Hostels (Catherine’s, Garratt, Gregory’s, Ovyng’s, Physwick, St Margaret’s, and Tyler’s). “The King’s Hall” was founded as a society of King’s Scholars on 7 July 1317.

Sir Isaac Newton worked at Trinity College and 34 Nobel Prize winners and 4 Field’s Medal winners are or were members of Trinity College, and many others who through ideas, inventions, and creations have enormous global impact to change our world for the better.

More about Trinity College Cambridge:

The Master, Dame Sally Davies – Trinity Japan dinner in Tokyo on 28 February 2023
The Master, Dame Sally Davies – Trinity Japan dinner in Tokyo on 28 February 2023


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