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10 years Trinity in Japan, Ivan Sorrentino “Japan and the English language” 6 Sept 2024

Ivan Sorrentino (Trinity 1988), Head of Regional Marketing, Northeast and Southeast Asia Pacific
Cambridge University Press and Assessment, will talk on “Japan and the English language”

We founded Trinity in Japan on 5 September 2014 – we will celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Trinity in Japan with an event in Tokyo on Friday 6 September 2024.

Highlight of our 10 year celebration will be Ivan Sorrentino addressing one of the most charming and puzzling aspects of Japan – the general level of English in Japan. Ivan read Chemistry and Maths at Trinity, and for the last 30 years in the English language teaching industry in Japan, most in leading roles at Cambridge University Press.

All Trinity Fellows, alumni, members, students globally are welcome to join us.

  • 6:00pm – 7:00pm Ivan Sorrentino: “Japan and the English language”. Talk and discussion
  • 7:00pm – 9:00pm dinner
  • 9:15pm – nijikai

“Japan and the English language” – summary

Why is the general level of English in Japan so low? Is this an intrinsic problem with the system of education or an unrealistic expectation from outside. Many factors are involved in determining how easy specific language learning is in any given country, and Japan is no exception. These factors include motivation, teaching styles, assessment types, recognition and washback. Given this backdrop, what are the possible ways forward for Japan?

Ivan Sorrentino (Trinity 1988)

Head of Regional Marketing, Northeast and Southeast Asia Pacific
Cambridge University Press and Assessment

Ivan Sorrentino is responsible for all aspects of marketing and teacher-training across a number of countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia. His focus is on materials and exams related to English language learning and proficiency. In addition, his remit includes Recognition, where companies, educational institutes, ministries, and immigration departments recognize Cambridge exams as one of the key admission criteria.

Ivan Sorrentino (Trinity 1988) graduated with a BA in Chemistry and Mathematics from Trinity College and Cambridge University.

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