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Didier Queloz (Nobel Prize 2019, Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge). Source: Author L. Weinstein/Ciel et Espace Photos / Permission: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribute 4.0 International. Attribution: ESO

Physics Nobel Prize 2019 for Trinity Fellow Didier Queloz

Trinity Fellow Didier Queloz was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 2019 “for the discovery of an exoplanet orbiting a solar-type star”

Didier Queloz worked with his PhD supervisor Michel Mayor – who shares the 2019 Physics Nobel Prize with Didier Queloz and Jim Peebles. Mayor had developed the COREVAL photoelectric Doppler spectrometer to measure radial velocities of stars and planets. Together they developed the improved ELODIE Doppler spectrometer, with which they discovered the exoplanet named 51 Pegasi b orbiting 51 Pegasi. As of April 2020 around 4241 exoplanets have been discovered.

Professor Didier Queloz Nobel Lecture on 8 December 2019 in Stockholm

Professor Didier Queloz’ talk at Trinity College, Cambridge, streamed live on 27 February 2020

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This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

Attribution: ESO.


Author: L. Weinstein/Ciel et Espace Photos

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