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Founding meeting Trinity in Japan Society

SEPTEMBER 5, 2014 BY G_FASOL Founding meeting Trinity in Japan Society

The Trinity in Japan Society was founded on September 5, 2014, by Gerhard Fasol (Chair), Anthony Millington and Ken Shibata.

Preparatory work or the foundation of the Trinity in Japan Society was done by Gerhard Fasol with the very kind support and help of Former Master Lord Martin Rees, Baron of Ludlow, several Fellows, and the Alumni Relations Office of Trinity College.

The Trinity in Japan Society is a Trinity College Officially Recognized Group.

At the Founding Meeting on September 5, 2014 the following Statutes were approved:

Statutes of the Trinity in Japan Society

  1. Today we found the Trinity in Japan Society.
  2. Purpose: Trinity in Japan Society is a club for exchange of ideas and discussions open to members and alumni of Trinity College, Cambridge.
  3. Steering Committee:
    • Gerhard Fasol (Chair), Trinity 1978, Past Research Fellow (Title A), and Past Teaching Fellow (Title C)
    • Anthony Millington
    • Ken Shibata
  4. Chairman: Gerhard Fasol
  5. Members: Alumni and Members of Trinity College, Cambridge can apply for membership. Membership to be subject to approval by Steering Committee. We will check Trinity College Membership with the Trinity College Alumni Office. Inauguration Members are: Anthony Millington, Ken Shibata and Gerhard Fasol
  6. Approved on September 5, 2014 by Gerhard Fasol (Steering Committee Chair), Anthony Millington (Steering Committee) and Ken Shibata (Steering Committee)

If you are Trinity College Cambridge member living in or visiting Japan and like to register:

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