lecture meeting

1 October 2019 event with The Revd Dr Michael Banner: ‘The rise (and fall?) of humanitarianism’.

‘The rise (and fall?) of humanitarianism’, Revd Dr Michael Banner (in Tokyo) The Revd Dr Michael Banner… “one of the brightest and most interesting young people doing ethics on the scene today” The Revd Dr Michael Banner will join us on Tuesday 1 October 2019 6pm for a special event in central Tokyo. 6pm – […]


29 September 2019 – Meeting Mike Tehranchi, Trinity College Fellow and Director of Studies in Mathematics

Meeting on 29 September 2019 with Mike Tehranchi, University Lecturer, Statistical Laboratory, and Trinity Fellow and Director of Studies in Mathematics. Mike Tehranchi visited Tokyo for a series of lectures at the Tokyo Metropolitan University TMO Workshop on Finance and the Marunouchi Quantitative Finance Seminar


17 September 2019 – Meeting Professor Mikael Adolphson

Mikael Adolphson, Fellow and AMES Director of Studies at Trinity, Keidanren Professor of Japanese Studies at Cambridge University Dinner meeting with Professor Mikael Adolphson on Tuesday 17 September 2019 in Tokyo/Shinagawa.